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Students Honour Sandgate’s Fallen Soldiers

Story: Alyssa Mackay
Published On : May 26, 2022
Students Honour Sandgate’s Fallen Soldiers
Local students have taken part in a special project to pay tribute to Sandgate’s soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War.

Bracken Ridge State High School students honoured fallen soldiers at their Anzac Day commemorative service in April, wearing badges with the names and services details of veterans with connections to Sandgate.

Principal Regina Garrick said the students were very proud to wear the badges at the school ceremony.

“Perhaps you could say that it has made it more ‘real’ for the students through the connection with soldiers from the Sandgate district,” Regina said. “The information shared about the service details for each soldier helped students realise the impact of war and the importance of not forgetting our fallen soldiers.”

At the ceremony, the badges were presented to the students by representatives of the Sandgate RSL Sub Branch, including Doug Cooney from the Australian Defence Force and army veteran Doug Warden. The students collected the badges as the names of the fallen were called out and war grave information was shared on a PowerPoint.

Photos of the final resting places of the soldiers were provided by Sub Branch committee member Jim Lakey, who visited their overseas graves a few years ago. Jim gave the information to the school ceremony’s event coordinator, Vicki Sinclair.

“I took down the names of the fallen soldiers from the Sandgate Memorial,” Jim said. “I made a point to visit all the graves and took pictures. I got those pictures to Vicki and a map of where they are in France and Belgium.”

War memorials and honour rolls in the Sandgate area commemorate a total of 52 soldiers who died in World War I.

Regina said the students had commented to her after the service that it was really sad because some of the soldiers were so young. 

“I have every confidence in our young people that they won’t forget our fallen soldiers,” she said.

“Keeping alive the names of those fallen soldiers will ensure an ongoing connectedness to our community, but more importantly will act as a reminder that the actions of our fallen soldiers continue to impact on our lives moving forward.”