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Whale Watching In Moreton Bay: A Hotspot For Local Humpbacks

Story: Kelly Walker
Published On : May 26, 2022
Whale Watching In Moreton Bay: A Hotspot For Local Humpbacks
Of all the cool local activities that Brisbane has to offer, whale watching definitely tops the list. For the last 25 years, Captain Kerry Lopez, of Brisbane Whale Watching, has been giving guests the thrilling opportunity to see our local humpback whales up close in their natural habitat - right here in Moreton Bay.

Brisbane Whale Watching kicks off their 2022 season on June 11th and Kerry guarantees sightings right through until the end of October.

“We’re excited to be celebrating our 26th year of doing the tours,” she said. “Most people are quite surprised to learn that we have such a great environmental treasure with so many whales right here in Moreton Bay Marine Park.”

Kerry explained that thankfully the whale population in Moreton Bay has grown over the last few decades as people have learned how best to care for the whales and respect their needs.

“Moreton Bay seems to have become a favourite nursery area for them,” Kerry said. “When I first started doing the tours, it could take more than an hour just to find one or two pods at the height of the season - now guests might be lucky enough to see 30 whales on a single trip!”

For Kerry, her favourite part of the job is seeing the reactions on guests’ faces when they sight a whale for the first time. “The whales are just so playful, resilient and curious,” she said. “I’ve seen 90-year-olds through to young children with tears in their eyes, in absolute awe at these amazing animals. When they see a 45-tonne humpback rise from the depths right in front of their eyes, it’s quite an experience.”

After spending so many years observing the whales, Kerry is more committed than ever to continue to create passenger awareness with regards to these beautiful mammals.

“The whales are just so intelligent,” she said. “My onboard commentary focuses on the whales, their habitat, and how we can all help their population grow by keeping our oceans clean and free from any pollutants.”

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