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Story: Piper Zuino
Published On : Jul 23, 2022
Calling all ladies! Ladies’ night is sorted this August when Raw Muscle performs their high-energy, classy live show in a one-night-only performance.

The all-male review show has featured in Las Vegas, Italy, and Greece and now the Bracken Ridge Tavern will provide the stage for Raw Muscle to show off their talented choreography, spectacular costumes, and cheeky commentary to deliver some of music history’s most famous songs.

Raw Muscle marketing and event coordinator Sacha Halley said if you are in need of a ladies’ night out, this event cannot be missed.

“You can expect to see buff men showcasing their many talents live on stage providing a well-choreographed, tastefully teasing, flirtatious, fun-filled show that will leave the ladies screaming for more,” she said.

Sacha said the audience will be delighted to see award-winning stripper, Tony Raw, joined on stage by a range of mystery guests.

“And with an International guest appearance fresh off the plane! He has never been to this part of Australia therefore he is excited to see what this town has to offer!”

Due to much audience demand, this live show will feature more audience interaction than ever before.

“The men of Raw Muscle love to interact with the crowd and some ladies may be lucky enough to get on stage and up close and personal with the Raw Muscle men,” she said.

Each act has its own array of dance moves, special acts, and music so the audience will be treated to a different experience with each performer.

There will also be a specialised drinks list tailored to the event including a range of indulgent and naughty cocktails.

This show will feature a brand new act that will only be revealed to those who book tickets and come to the event.

“We can give you a hint in saying this includes interaction with the crowd, it’s upbeat, fun and gets the audience revved up… also the ladies sure seem to love a good lap dance!”

Raw Muscle Male Revue Live Show
Saturday 13 August, 8pm-11pm.
Bracken Ridge Tavern
154 Barrett Street, Bracken Ridge.