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Organic Gardening In November

Story: Sally Eberhardt | Photo: Luisella Planeta
Published On : Oct 25, 2023
Organic Gardening in November
Time to Get Waterwise!

With predictions of an El Nino weather system, we can’t count on normal summer rains this year. And if the dry persists, councils will likely bring in water restrictions.

Regardless, a waterwise garden will serve you, and the environment, very well.

Let’s start with the choice of plants. Cacti and succulents are wonderful, and many natives, especially from arid zones, are water efficient and drought tolerant.

Organic matter helps soil hold water more effectively. Dig in natural composts eg animal manure, worm castings or mushroom compost. For a no-dig garden or pot plant top up, use a thick layer of organic matter covered by mulch.

Mulch itself reduces water evaporation by up to 70%. Sugarcane mulch is cheap and easy to use but for pots consider more attractive solutions such as glass pebbles.

Re-wetting agents can reduce your watering by up to 50% by allowing water to soak into soil instead of running off the surface.

Water crystals added to soil or potting mix form a clear water holding jelly that waters plants over a period.

Lastly, healthy plants are more drought tolerant so keep up the organic fertiliser eg liquid seaweed.

Now enjoy your waterwise garden!