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Brisbane’s ‘big Boot’ Has New Life In Deagon

Story: Panayiota
Published On : Jan 23, 2024
Brisbane’s ‘Big Boot’ Has New Life In Deagon
For many years, the Big Boot (Boot) was perched atop used car dealership The Car Mine on the corner of Gympie and Rode Roads, unknowingly leaving its footprint in the hearts of all passersby.

Alfie Senese, owner of The Car Mine and Boot, reminisces after having moved to their new location at 166 Braun St, Deagon.

“The Boot started out in Paddington and after representing several businesses, it moved to Boots Camping, Chermside, before we took over,” Alfie said.

“Once the property sold, we had to move. Then, it was interesting how many people asked about the Boot and told us what it meant to them, because it was such a real landmark and nostalgic for them. There was never any question that we had to save it.

“It needed a full refurbishment. A new frame. Stripped it all and started from new. It took a few months as I did it all by hand. Talk about a labour of love.”

Alfie honoured the return of the Boot on Saturday, 16 December 2023 with a huge celebration that brought communities together from far and wide.

“You can’t put a price on something like this,” Alfie said. “It’s so important to keep it alive. I think it was all worth it for the historic value.”