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Duelling Pianos Return To Howl At The Full Moon

Story: Panayiota
Published On : Jan 23, 2024
Duelling Pianos Return To Howl At The Full Moon
Duelling pianos date back to the late 1890s when ragtime was the genre of the day and musicians played and played and played, trying to out-perform each other.

Today, this unique performance consists of two pianists battling it out across facing baby grand pianos.

“Here at the Full Moon Hotel (FMH), Sandgate, we listen to our patrons who all too often ask, ‘When’s the next show?’” Kay Navarro, Marketing, said.

So without further ado, the FMH presents Howl at the Moon.

Brisbane’s world-class performers, Holly and Steve, love what they do and are set for an exciting evening of entertainment. They’re bringing their A-game with your favourites from 80s rock, 90s pop and even today’s dance hits.

“I am looking forward to getting them wound up on the dance floor with the thunder Steve and I bring every show,” Holly said.

“We are very much looking forward to playing at the beautiful and iconic, famous Queensland pub, The Full Moon,” Steve said. “And yes, we will be howling.”

So put on your best dancing shoes and join in the fun. Howl at the Moon is a free event, open for dinner, drinks and a good sing-along too.

Reservations for dinner are highly recommended via or by phone on 3869 0544.