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Hair-raising Event For Mental Health

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Published On : May 27, 2024
Hair-Raising Event For Mental Health
The senior students at St Patrick’s College have had a close shave, all in the name of a good cause.

Mullets for Mental Health is now in its fifth year, and it originally began as a light-hearted way for senior students to express themselves and find relief during what can be a stressful time.

This year, the College aligned its event with the Black Dog Institute’s activities to help amplify the students’ impact on mental health awareness and fundraising.

Year 12 student, Ethan, said the charity was an important one for the entire school body.

“Just recently we had faced a big challenge together as a community regarding mental health,” he said.

“The fundraiser to me was to bring everyone together and we did that by supporting each other and raising a significant sum of money.

“I am grateful to the school for letting us go outside the school rules for a good cause and it shows just how much a few of us can do together.”

Mullets are not usually allowed at St Pat’s, but an exception is made for this annual fundraiser. A statement from the College said the 2024 Year 12 cohort had raised more than $27,000.

“The decision to support the Black Dog Institute was driven by the students’ desire to contribute to a charity that resonates with their values and concerns, particularly the importance of mental health among young people,” a College spokesperson said.

“The Black Dog Institute’s dedication to understanding, preventing, and treating mental illness is a mission that our students hold close to their hearts.

“Mullets for Mental Health not only serves as a fundraiser but also as an educational platform, encouraging students and the wider St Patrick’s College community to engage in open conversations about mental health.

“It fosters a supportive environment where students can learn about and contribute to the wellbeing of others, reinforcing the message that it’s okay to seek help.”

Year 12 student, Oscar, added talking about mental health issues was more important than ever.

“I think it is important to raise awareness on men’s mental health, because often young men in our community don’t always know what to do when it comes to mental health issues,” he said.

“I joined Mullets for Mental Health because I know that I can make a difference for the men in our community.”