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Stubbs Street Park Playground Gets Modern Facelift

Published On : May 27, 2024
Stubbs Street Park Playground Gets Modern Facelift
Stubbs Street Park in Brighton has received a much-needed upgrade with the installation of a brand new playground, shade structure and improved picnic settings.

The project, which began in early May, has seen the removal of the old playground, which has been in place for over 20 years, and the installation of a new, modern playground that includes a fort, slide, swings, rope and ladder climbing and monkey bars.

Deagon Ward Councillor Jared Cassidy said that after 20 years it was nice to see a fresh playground in Stubbs Street Park.

“It’s so well located near shops and close to where lots of new families are moving into the area and a playground that is often requested to be updated,” Cr Cassidy said.

The upgrade also includes the installation of sandstone block seating around the playground, providing a comfortable area for parents to relax while keeping an eye on their children.

“The new playground is bigger and better than the one it replaced and will include shade sails to protect families from the sun,” Cr Cassidy said. “We have also seen the large open grassed area retained, which is a great open space. A great outcome for the community.”

The project has also seen the relocation of the bin to the park frontage, making it more convenient for park-goers to dispose of their rubbish. The new picnic settings have also been upgraded, providing a more enjoyable experience for families looking to have a meal or snack in the park.

Despite the recent completion of the new play equipment installation and the demolition of the old playground, there is still work to be done. The shade structure is set to be installed starting on Wednesday, 15 May and the playground will remain closed to the public until Friday, 7 June to allow for new turf establishment, weather permitting.