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Shake Your Groove Thing!

Story: Donna Roberts | Photo: slapics
Feb 20, 2019
Shake your Groove thing!
Desperate to put down your phone and immerse yourself in something new? Swing on by Sandgate Town Hall to participate in Quyen Ying’s beginner’s Salsa dancing course.

Quyen is a former NSW Salsa dancing champion, who has now brought her formidable skills to Brisbane’s northside.

Quyen grew up in Sydney, discovering her love for dance and performance at the age of seven. She wants to shine her light, inspire others and teach dance on a whole new level.

“I love Salsa because it is an international language of dance,” Quyen said.

“If you know the basic steps, then no matter where you go in the world, you can rock up to a latin party and dance with anyone!”

More than just learning a sequence of steps, Quyen is a strong believer in dance classes promoting personal development and growth.

“I have a holistic approach to my classes, in understanding how the mind and body work together,” Quyen said.

“I coach my students to not only learn how to dance, but how to also have the right attitude and state of mind to make their experience the best it can be.”

The health benefits associated with dancing are endless, as it requires the use of your mind, body and spirit.

“Dancing moves Qi [pronounced ‘chee’ – meaning energy],  around the body, unblocking stagnant energy which is the root cause of stress and health conditions,” Quyen said.

“Dance allows you to feel good and free... you utilise the creative part of your brain.

“Self expression through movement is very therapeutic.”

If you are tempted to try, but concerned about having two left feet, Quyen would like to put your mind at ease.

“Salsa is a social dance that brings everyone together, and the great thing is that anyone can learn!” Quyen said.

“Most people that dance Salsa socially have never had a previous dance background.”

Quyen’s course will be run on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm at Sandgate Town Hall.

For further information, contact Quyen via email at or phone 0439 378 855.