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Commemorating Our Fallen Heroes

Story: Sandgate Guide | Photo: Paul Neil
Mar 25, 2019
Commemorating our fallen heroes
Ex-servicemen and women, and their families, who wish to take part in the Dawn Service, are asked to meet in Burnett Lane at 5.30am. From there, the dawn march will progress to the Cenotaph.

Sub-branch president, Peter McNamara, said Sandgate’s Dawn Service was normally a quiet event. “It’s a time for quiet reflection for the community, to reflect on that first Anzac Day and what it means,” he said.

The main march will start from the court house at 9am, before progressing to the Cenotaph for Sandgate’s major remembrance service.

“After the main service, there’ll be a chance for continued fellowship at the sub-branch for veterans and their families,” Mr McNamara said.

He added there had been a rise in the number of people attending the annual service, particularly since the 100th commemoration of Anzac Day in 2015.

“We have found that families in this district have a real connection to World War I and World War II – there’s a lot of history here,” he said.

“And we have veterans in this district from every conflict including Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Mr McNamara said it was vital for young people to be taught the meaning of Anzac Day. “It’s important to us and to our veterans’ families to visit schools prior to Anzac Day,” he said.

“The kids then want to come to the main service and of course mums and dads then come with them.

“The president and committee of the sub-branch are extremely honoured to preserve the traditions and history of the veterans and their families of the Sandgate district and we invite everyone in the community to be a part of the Anzac Day commemorations.”

For more information about Sandgate’s Anzac Day services, please contact the RSL
sub-branch on: 3269 1135 or email: