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Park Run

Published On : Jan 20, 2013
Sandgate is the latest suburb to get swept up by the worldwide parkrun craze; a free five-kilometre timed run every Saturday morning in a local park run by volunteers and open to anyone. The Brisbane bayside suburb launched the event last November. It’s held weekly at 7am, at Arthur Davis Park (on Flinders Parade) for runners and walkers of all ages and fitness levels. Event director Vanessa Gibson, of Brighton, says many locals are getting on board as word spreads throughout the community. “We’re seeing over 100 runners a week on average. People love it because it offers the local community the chance to come together on a weekly basis and get physically active in a safe and friendly social environment.” Cost is usually a massive barrier for people to participate in sport, but parkrun is completely free. Runners register online and then print a barcode which is scanned at the end of each run and matched with the runner’s finishing time. All the results are posted online by midday so runners can compare their performance with their friends and against previous times. For more information visit