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Right On Time, It’s The 7:39!

Apr 24, 2019
Right On Time,  It’s the 7:39!
The Shorncliffe line is more than just a train line from the city to Shorncliffe; it’s a lifeline for commuters who travel to work and home again on a daily basis.

A few extra minutes in the morning means a lot to many. Both Sandgate local, Sharon Westwood, and the Hon. Stirling Hinchliffe MP, have recently won a victory for time-poor locals heading off to work, by successfully campaigning for the reinstatement of the Monday-Thursday 7:39am train service.

Mr Hinchliffe said, ”Last month, I spoke in Parliament about the return of this service, mentioning members of our community who have spent many hours campaigning locally in the community for it’s reintroduction.

“The reinstatement of the 7:39am Shorncliffe-to-City service as part of the addition of 32 extra weekly services at peak times, is most welcome,” Mr Hinchliffe continued, “A special thank you to Sharon Westwood of Shorncliffe who has spent many hours of her own time campaigning alongside me for the reinstatement of this popular peak-hour service.”

The real effect of this additional service will mean different things to different people. For some, it’s extra time to get the kids ready for school, for others it’s a few more minutes of precious sleep; either way we’re on the right track!