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Walk Against Domestic Violence

Story: Ineke Hodalin
Apr 24, 2019
Walk Against Domestic Violence
Several nights ago, whilst in Sydney, I was startled awake by angry voices screaming obscenities and threats.  Desperate words from desperate people, cutting like knives into the still night.  It was horrible.

The police came. Eventually the suburban street was quiet once more, but sleep escaped me. I felt sad and powerless, pondering life and the tragedy of the situation, and wishing there was something I could do.

Maybe there is.

This month is Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. On Thursday 30 May, I intend to join the Peaceful Walk and Candle Lighting Ceremony. Anyone can participate.

The walk commences at 4.30pm at the rotunda at Einbunpin Lagoon, Sandgate, and will make its way to the Magistrates Court, where a  candle lighting ceremony will take place followed by a number of speakers, including women who have lived through the experience and local representatives.

Maggie Daunt, CEO of Sandbag, said “It’s time for some self reflection, it’s about looking at ‘What can I do?’. It’s about raising awareness, but it’s also about showing there is a level of intolerance for domestic violence.

“We have in the lead up an artwork activity, and (people) can come to a couple of facilitated workshops and design a piece of art to go along the length of the walk.  Full details will be available on Sandbag’s Facebook Page.”

We are fickle with our emotions—unless we are directly affected, we forget very quickly. We are time poor, but here is an opportunity to give a little of it. Join that bit of humanity and take a stand.  Demonstrate solidarity, it’s a chance to show our support and lift the stigma on reporting domestic violence.

 “We have to change at a social level.  That’s what is embedded in our community--its patriarchal views that women and men subscribe to.  We are actually participants in that, we can actively change that behaviour,” Maggie said.

For help and support please contact
any one of the following numbers.

Womensline 1800 811 811      
Mensline 1800 600 636

For more information phone SANDBAG  3869 3244 (Sandgate) or 3269 0277 (Bracken Ridge)