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Fri 17 Sep
Time : 7:30pm
Where : Cardigan Bar
Address : 198 Seymour Street
Phone : 0416246405
Akova "I’ve been playin music ever since I was a kid. One day I was driving with the old man when this song came on the radio that put me on my path right there and then. That song was Sunshine Superman by a guy called Donovan. He’s been a big inspiration to my music ever since."

Like Donovan I took the acoustic root. I’m a multi-instrumentalist with no sequences, loops or pedals. I just get a kick out of getting the most sound out of what I can hold at the one time while singing about what touches me emotionally. Actually it’s all about emotion. It’s what I see, what I feel and what I have learnt. I’m a dreamer not a planner. I just go with the flow. I listen to my gut and follow my intuition. Cause life can change in an instant on this crazy journey.