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Tyne At Eclectea

Tyne at EclecTea

Featured Event

Sat 28 Nov
Time : 4pm - 7pm
Where : EclecTea
Phone : na
EclecTea will be hosting a Saturday arvo sesh with solo artist, Tyne.

This free event will be held on Saturday 28 November, where Tyne will perform a wide range of covers and fingerstyle music.

“I have an energetic and engaging approach to performing, as I love dancing with the crowd (when permitted) while playing solo spots or instrumental breaks,” Tyne said.

Growing up surrounded by music and the arts, Tyne knew that he would eventually have a career in music — his favourite part being the energy and emotion that’s exchanged.

“Live music brings an entirely different dynamic to a room — it’s engaging, vibrant, and emotional. My goal is to make one person laugh, or one person cry. If I succeed, I’ve done my job correctly.”

Tyne will be playing from 4-7pm.