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Voices From The Past

Voices From The Past

Featured Event

Sat 15 May
Time : 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Where : Sandgate Town Hall
“Sandgate, in common with other seaside resorts, is essentially a summer town. In the train of summer come the laughing, happy crowds, with deep-lined pockets, care-free in their new-found freedom, and the tide of prosperity floods in.”

That’s a description of the area from an old Brisbane newspaper article dated April, 1925. With all the change that’s happened since then, it can be hard to imagine that our little part of the world was once the state’s premier holiday destination.

Owner and creative director of Abintra Creations Catherine Cox said she wanted to explore the changes that happened during this time through the eyes of the people that lived here.

“I’ve made a documentary to highlight just how different Sandgate used to be. ” Catherine said. “These days, it’s a very sweet, quiet suburb, but back then, it was this very popular resort town.

“We have people in our community that have lived in Sandgate between the 1920s and 1950s, and they’ve got these wonderful stories about what Sandgate was like. The people I interviewed were between the ages of 85 and 105.”

Catherine said she had heard many positive stories of the past from the documentary participants.

“I have some wonderful stories about just how free and happy life was here,” she said. “They always talked about what a lovely, happy place it was to grow up in.”

Some of those who shared their stories, including a 101-year-old local who still walks to the shops once a week, will take part in a panel discussion after a special screening of the documentary, Sandgate: Voices From the Past – 1920s to 1950s, historic Sandgate Town Hall.

Given Sandgate’s rich cinematic history, the location is fitting. “The town had four main cinemas, plus the outdoor theatres and the RAAF base had its own cinema too” Catherine said.

From its many picture theatres to the iconic pier and penny arcade, discover what Sandgate was like from its time as a resort town to what life was like during WWII.

Search for ‘Sandgate Voices’ to reserve your seat. This documentary is proudly supported by Brisbane City Council and hosted by the Sandgate & District Historical Society & Museum. After the screening, it will be available to watch at the Sandgate Museum and online.

Sandgate: Voices from the Past
Screening and Panel Discussion
Saturday, 15 May, 1.30pm-3.30pm
Sandgate Town Hall
For enquires call 0402 341 614