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Open Mic Night @ Qcyc

Open Mic Night @ QCYC


Thu 29 Jul
Time : 7pm - 9:30pm
Where : Queensland cruising yacht club
IPSO FACTO is the result of a chance meeting a few years ago which brought together two musicians, Phil Brown, and Peter Harvey, who had been walking very different musical paths.

From the first moment there was an unmistakeable and unique chemistry. Due to various personal commitments, months passed before they were able to take this further, but eventually they put some time into creating the material, and doing the occasional gig at Eclectea, Mr Henderson and Sandbag, in the Sandgate area and gigs further afield around the South East.

Both musicians are multi-instrumentalists with a broad background in recording and performance, and this is reflected in their approach to the broad range of music they play. They also have that ability to vary the delivery of any song according to the mood of the moment, taking the audience with them on that experimental journey.

The current stage sound is a mix of acoustic guitars or acoustic guitar and violin underpinning rich vocal harmonies and this soundscape expands as they are joined by other players from time to time.

This evolution led finally to the name “IPSO FACTO” – it is what it is.

Phil Brown is an exceptionally talented violinist, and to quote Phil, “Music is a team sport – the longer you play together and the more you listen to one another, the more magic comes into play”.

Peter Harvey is prolific writer, having recorded and toured, notably with The Carol Lloyd Band and more recently with that Australian icon “Rough Red”.

When “IPSO FACTO” fire on stage it can mesmerising.