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Backyard Bonanza (byb)

Backyard Bonanza (BYB)

Featured Event

Sun 24 Oct
Time : 9am - 2pm
Where : McPherson Park
Address : Denham Street, Bracken Ridge
Phone : na
Classic car lovers and history buffs will be impressed to see a restored World War II era vehicle at this month’s Backyard Bonanza (BYB).

Brisbane City Council have painstakingly restored a 1939 Chevrolet half-ton truck that was part of their fleet during the war, making it a highlight for festival-goers.

City Standards Chair Kim Marx said Council was proud that the truck would be on display at the annual BYB celebration at Bracken Ridge.  

“The Chevy was restored by a dedicated team of Council mechanics who volunteered 1,300 hours of their time to preserve a unique part of Brisbane’s history,” Kim said.

In 2017, the owner of Tullaville cattle station in Moonie, 331 kilometres west of Brisbane, contacted the Council about a rusted-out 1939 Chevy with a Brisbane City brand.

“The Chevy had been left on the property by the previous owners, the Baker brothers, who were a prominent family in the small rural town that purchased the vehicle at auction in Toowoomba in 1962,” Kim said.

“Our team brought the vehicle home and then spent their own time restoring it at our workshop in Wacol, even sourcing the Chevy’s parts through detailed research. It’s a wonderful piece of our history and we are glad to bring it out for residents to see.”

Council will also be rolling out a brand new electric vehicle as part of the display.

Kim said the new electric truck would be used at the City Botanic Gardens.

“Unlike a diesel-powered Chevy, this new truck runs on a 100 kilowatt battery, which is enough power to drive 275 kilometres on four hours of charge, leaving minimal carbon footprint and highlighting just how far we’ve come in advancing the working vehicles that help maintain our great city,” Kim said.

The vehicles will appear at BYB at McPherson Park on Sunday, 24 October. There will also be an exciting array of activities, entertainment and other community displays presented by Bracken Ridge Central Lions Club.

Club president Louise Gordon said she was looking forward to seeing both Council vehicles.

“It will be fantastic to see just how much things have changed over the years,” she said.

Backyard Bonanza (BYB)
Sunday, 24 October, 9am-2pm
McPherson Park
Denham Street, Bracken Ridge