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Sun 23 Jan
Time : 7:30pm
Where : Cardigan Bar
Address : 198 Seymour Street
Phone : 0414961245
Dubbed the ‘Rhythm King’ Akova is an artist you never saw coming.
This Triplej Unearthed genre defying multi-instrumentalist is a compelling storyteller.
Akova's music has been labelled 'music for the soul' by his peers.
"I feel that I am more than a musician right now. I've played music my whole life, but that's not all that I am anymore. I have been on a challenging sometimes epic journey learning to let go of the attachment of thinking with my head to feeling with my heart. We all think with our heads but it's our heart that has all the answers. They say it's the longest journey you will ever take, and yet you only travel around 18 inches. My goal is to empower you and to inspire you to be the best you that you can be through my personal experiences.
My lyrics are conscious yet not overwhelming as I still have a bit of the rocker from West Sydney in me.
I am enjoying music more than I ever have as I have found myself and my purpose." - Akova