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Lloyd Spiegel

Lloyd Spiegel

Featured Event

Sat 04 Dec
Time : 7:30pm
Where : Sandgate Town Hall
Phone : na
Music By The Sea will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022, but it’s hard to imagine how that will look at this stage, with ten concerts rescheduled (some three times), due to border and community restrictions. None have been cancelled.

Interstate and overseas artists make up 40 per cent of our program, while 60 per cent are from Queensland.

There are heartbreaking stories of highly professional musicians who are unable to make a living. Music By The Sea shares these difficult times and we ask for the public’s ongoing patience while we do our best to bring fine music to Sandgate Town Hall.

November: See for updates.

December: Lloyd Spiegel - acoustic blues guitarist, singer/songwriter

Modern blues artist Lloyd Spiegel hit the heights performing with the likes of Ray Charles, Bob Dylan and Etta James, and will certainly create ripples in the atmosphere in Sandgate this December!

Lloyd speaks from the heart when asked what people can expect from his award-winning modern blues.

“I’ve always figured I’m kind of in social work… sitting in front of a group of strangers from all walks of life and giving them a couple of hours off. A break from reality for whatever reason they need that break for.”

And digging a little deeper, from the local stage to the global stage, what does Lloyd have to say about our brave new world, and the role that music plays in our physical and mental health?

“There are elements of these past two years that we need to remember always. As much as it’s tempting to forget how you felt once things are ‘back to normal’, the arts sector needs you to remember how you felt without live music, without access to art galleries, without something as simple as your local craft market. It was boring. Really, really boring. Remember that and support the art around you that takes that boredom away.”

Lloyd Spiegel
Saturday, 4 December, 7.30pm
Sandgate Town Hall
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