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Home Preserving And Sugar-free Jam Making Workshop

Home Preserving and Sugar-Free Jam Making Workshop

Featured Event

Sat 04 Dec
Time : 10am - 12pm
Where : Sandgate Town Hall
Homemade jam always tastes better, and it can be better for you too, especially when it’s made using natural ingredients.

Learn to make jam the healthy way at Green Living Australia’s home preserving and sugar-free jam making workshop at Sandgate Town Hall this month.

Author and co-founder of Green Living Australia Valerie Pearson will be presenting the demonstration-style workshop.

“Participants will learn safe home preserving methods, jam making and how to flip it on its head and do it without sugar,” she said.

Valerie became interested in natural, homemade foods after discovering her daughter was allergic to artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

“I had to learn to make everything from scratch,” she said. “That began my journey on pure homemade goodness and the lost art of preserving foods.”

Valerie has been educating people about making their own food for 16 years, and has written several books on the subject. She is a seasoned traveller who has lived in many different countries, including the USA where she said her love of living simply really flourished.

“I learned so much while living there and the lessons stayed with me wherever I went,” she said. “I eventually came home to Australia and while wanting to continue living a simple but rich life myself, I realised I also wanted to help others do the same.”

Valerie founded Green Living Australia to help people get back to basics with homemade, preservative- and additive-free foods, and chemical-free body products.

There are many benefits to making your own preserves and jams.

“You can control the amount of sugar, there is nothing artificial in it at all. It’s all natural, it’s cheaper and more environmentally sustainable,” Valerie said.

“It’s much, much healthier. The fastest growing disease in the country is actually diabetes, not COVID, so being able to reduce or eliminate sugar out of your diet is hugely beneficial.”

Valerie said the workshop was suited to anyone who wanted to live a healthier life, get back to basics and be more sustainable.

“They will also get to try some beautiful sugar free jam,” she said.

To reserve, phone the Sandgate Library on 07 3667 6022.

Home Preserving and Sugar-Free Jam Making Workshop
Saturday, 4 December, 10am-12pm
Sandgate Town Hall