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Book Signing/chat

Book Signing/Chat


Fri 24 Nov
Time : 8am - 12pm
Where : Baaia Cafe 94 Flinders Parade Sandgate
Book Signing/Chat with emerging author Travis James.

First novel released in July:  ESCAPE To Patonga  – A story of mystery and intrigue.
This is a modern tale set in the real sea-side village of Patonga on the NSW Central Coast just north of Sydney. It’s about the suspicions of the close-knit community who are embroiled in vicious gossip and the inescapable pull of temptation when a dubious fellow rents an isolated shack on the far side of the creek. It’s a curious mystery, with a little bit of romance, thriller, and an underworld boss thrown in to add a bit of spice.

The second novel prerelease sales on the day:
SURVIVAL Life from Death - A lighthearted murder mystery
Cathartic – Emotional – Chilling
This is a story of the struggles in life, of family bonds, and good friendships. But rarely in life do things go to plan as unfulfilled expectations darken their days. Who lives and who dies is a mystery only time will reveal. And in the end, as the dust settles, new life blossoms.