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Aqua Exhibition

Aqua Exhibition

Featured Event

Sat 06 Apr
Time : 4pm
Where : Et Al Gallery
Address : 10 Fifth Avenue, Sandgate.
Phone : na
Sandgate’s Et Al Gallery is showcasing a new exhibition entitled Aqua by Angelique Waves.Aqua is a fusion of photography, prints, and original artwork, blending the dramatic with the serene, ranging from impressionist paintings to scenic photography, and abstract surface reflections.

Angelique said she had always been inspired by the water. “I used to be a dive instructor years ago and I loved it, but I found I still needed my creative outlet as well,” she said.

“Now I live by the sea, and I just find so much inspiration there. I need to be by the water each day, it’s just part of my soul.

“I feel like the water is a friend that I visit.”

A working artist for 10 years, Angelique said she was normally a painter, but this was the first time she would be exhibiting her photography.

“I’m pretty excited about it,” she said.

“There are 27 pieces in the exhibition and they’re all for sale. I have prints available as well, as I’m conscious that original art can be expensive, so this is another way for people to have art in their homes.”

Angelique added the support she had received from the gallery, and the 4017 community, was “amazing”.

“Alison at Et Al is awesome, she has created this incredible space,” she said.

“The Sandgate community is totally supportive of artists; I feel so inspired by everyone there. There’s just something about that place, and I feel like artists are appreciated.”

Prior to the official opening of the exhibition, there will be a chance to accompany Angelique on the Sandgate foreshore, capturing the area’s natural beauty through photography.

This experience promises a deeper connection to the essence of Aqua and the artistic process.

“It’s not going to be a formal atmosphere at all, just very relaxed and fun, and I look forward to seeing people there,” Angelique said.

The pre-exhibition waterfront walk will be held at 2pm on April 6. To book your place, please go to

Aqua Exhibition
Saturday, 6 April, 4pm
Et Al Gallery
10 Fifth Avenue, Sandgate.