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Facilitated by Cheryl O’Connor. Holistic Counsellor, Reiki/Seichim Master.

The Drum is one of the oldest musical instruments on the planet which assist us to re-centre ourselves, journey inward and consciously connect with Source.

The rhythm of the Drum alters our brainwaves, helps to clear stagnant energy from the body and also takes us out of our heads and all our thinking, back into alignment with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

With a Full Moon comes a rising of emotions, just as the tide is pulled by the Moon, so too are we for our bodies consist mostly of water. It can be an unsettling time for many, as triggers come along which cause us to react and with them, emotions not fully felt before, which were created by old wounds, arise to be cleansed. Shifts occur during a Full Moon and they are often times of endings and shedding so the new can emerge. We can often feel a bit out of sync after a Full Moon and somewhat unsettled.

The New Moon has long been a time of setting intentions for the coming month; of welcoming in the new we have become due to the shedding that occurs during the Full Moon. It is for these reasons, Cheryl O’Connor is offering to facilitate regular New Moon Drumming Circles.

Drumming will occur on the waterfront on specific days. Please meet at Womenspace to register your attendance and return on conclusion of drumming, for tea with friends.

If you have a drum, please bring it.

Location: Womenspace, 11 Second Avenue, Sandgate.

Date: Saturday 28 January, 7:00 - 8:00pm

Cost: $5 for non-members. No cost for Womenspace Members.

Bookings: Please secure your booking at Alternatively, RSVP and contact Womenspace via email: or phone 0431 112 721.

All Womenspace events are designed for women, unless otherwise notified.