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Sacred Gathering of SHE - at Womenspace

Sacred Gathering of SHE

Every second Wednesday of the month, 7:15 - 9:30pm, first meeting in February 2017.

Sometimes as mothers or partners in our family, or daughters and sisters in our family of origin, we get lost to the nurturing needs of other people in our life. If we find ourselves constantly in the accommodating role, we lose ourselves and our deep capacity to love and feel ecstatic joy. It is our birthright to feel joyful, to be honoured, loved and nurtured.

In order to grapple with and learn to dive into the feminine, we need some space, some time, wisdom and willingness to share our inner selves… to ourselves. When we do this in the presence of other women, we reflect our deeper selves back.

Whether we have enjoyed our female relationships or not, they can teach us deeply and reveal what it means to be a loving feminine soul. If you haven’t known strong, or positive woman role models in your life or felt connected to your Motherline, you will find great solace and value in circle work. It offers a deep connection to other women and with it opportunities to learn, reflect and be guided by each other.

All women will benefit from this sharing. When we validate each other we deepen our connections, our trust and respect for our inner She wisdom.

For some who have not sat with women in circle, it may feel daunting. Be at ease about the ritual, and the ceremony. It will be simple, yet meaningful and sacred. By starting with an intention, we open up a sacred space to enter our deeper selves. The circle will be a place where you will sit in respectful, non- judgmental women centred time. Whether we are joyful or sad, all our sharing is important for us to in turn reflect acceptance and knowingness of each other. We don’t need to step into or over each other, just be witnesses to a woman’s story and her time. As in life, there is plenty of laughter and tears in the creation of a joyful experience.

The gathering will be limited to approximately 10-12 women; an open circle for the first few months, so come and join when you are free to do so, then when the time is right we will create a nurturing closed circle of women who meet regularly. This will be Our She Sisters circle.

Ask yourself this question, “Am I ready to show up for ME! and to be nourished by other women in my community?”. We call upon those women who feel that they are ready to go deeper and explore the wisdom and truth about their Inner SHE-ness.

Be present with ritual and ceremony in Sacredness. Allow us to sit with you… and share.

Sacred Gathering of SHE is a regular monthly group held on the second Wednesday of the month, 7:15 - 9:30pm, in Sandgate. This space is for the women who gather and want to provide rich tapestries for their families and loved ones to remember. This sacred gathering will nourish and protect you.

Location: Womenspace, 11 Second Avenue, Sandgate

Date: Wednesday 8 February, 7:15 arrival for a 7:30pm start. Circle closes at 9:30pm

Cost: $5 members, $10 non-members

Bookings: Numbers are limited. Book online at: Please advise you'll be attending by email: or phone 0431 112 721.

All Womenspace events are designed for women, unless otherwise notified.