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WOMENSPACE - Wise Women's Circle

'The Language of the Goddess’

with Tess Elliott

Through a visual sensuous landscape, discover the cultural artefacts of the diverse and complex Palaeolithic and Neolithic period. Found across Europe, and in fact around the world, these cultures held similar art, religion, housing patterns, social structure, and the nature of their language.

Recognise your divinity has an ancient tradition and practice and the central unity behind them all –Earth as feminine. Earth is Great Goddess.

‘Wise Women’s Circle’ is a regular gathering, held on the first Wednesday of the month, in Sandgate. Womenspace invite a range of exciting presenters each month to offer a sample of wisdom and skill to enlighten our souls, nurture our spirits and educate our minds.

Tess Elliott, is an Artist and Transpersonal Art Therapist in private practice in Brisbane Australia, creates self –awareness workshops through creative arts activities, inner-child wisdom courses and Earth-based spirituality practices. Self-exploration is the corner stone to Tess’s creative work, both personally and professionally. A practicing Artist, educator and facilitator for 25 years, her interests are in understanding the old, ancient symbolism and Earth’s natural forms and developing them into a meaningful modern presence. Tess’s other passions are reading ancient history – especially pertaining her Irish/European heritage, arts and crafts, creative writing and sharing how we might live in union with the sacred feminine Divine.

Location: Womenspace, 11 Second Avenue, Sandgate

Date: Wednesday 5 April 2017

Time: Arrive 7:15pm for 7:30 start - 9:30pm

Cost: $15 non-members ($12 members)

Bookings: Please secure your booking at

Alternatively, contact Womenspace via email: or phone 0431 112 721.

All Womenspace events are designed for women, unless otherwise notified.