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  Sandgate Hearing
Ph: 3603 1370 | 8 Nash Street, Sandgate • Test • Aids Fitting/Repairing • Lyric
 Phonak Lyric LOW/NO Maintenance Hearing Aid
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From my clinical experience, I know there’s a group of clients who just can’t manage the daily hearing aid operations such as cleaning, insertion of aids and changing batteries. For some, losing their aids happens too easily and too frequently. Many of these clients give up on wearing their hearing aids and eventually hearing loss takes away the enjoyment in their lives.
Lyric is not for everyone. However, if after a trial you find it suitable for you, then your hearing will improve and you no longer need to worry
about your hearing aid management. If ongoing earwax is an issue for you, it’s reassuring to know that all earwax is removed when we replace your lyric (every 2-3 months). As the lyric is placed deep inside the earcanal, you’re back to enjoying all your favourites like listening to music with earphones and talking to loved ones on the phone.
If you would like to know more about Lyric, call 3603 1370 for more information.
Ronnie Lam, Audiologist - Sandgate Hearing
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I’m so glad I have found Ronnie Lam, my audiologist!
He’s been the complete answer to my hearing problems. I’ve had hearing problems most of my life which has often left me socially disadvantaged. For many years, my wife has been frustrated with my lack of hearing, but now this is changing. Also for the first time I can clearly hear what my grandchildren are telling me. I’d highly recommend Ronnie for his thoroughness and professionalism.
Stephen Munns, McDowall
Thrilled with the results! LYRIC has made life so much easier...
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Graham & Lynette Baker - Scarborough
is very caring and there’s no pressure or time limit on appointments. He makes sure you’re absolutely satisfied. Lyric may not be for everyone, but if it’s for you, you won’t be disappointed. It’s changed my life! Jean Conneman – Newport Waterways
 • The Commonwealth Hearing Service Program • Paediatric hearing assessment
• Workcover, NDIS hearing assessment
• Central Auditory Processing Test • Micro-suction earwax removal
• Tinnitus consultation
• Custom musician earplug
• Custom industrial noise plug
APRIL/MAY 2020 17
• Custom swim, surfer & snore earplug
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