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A Passion For Paddling With Allana Bold

Story: Kelly Walker | Photo: Bruce Redman
Aug 20, 2020
A Passion for Paddling with Allana Bold
Imagine slipping away to a secluded location with the sun on your skin and listening to the gentle sound of lapping waves. For Allana Bold, there is nothing she loves more.

Comfortable on the water since she was 5 years old, Allana was born into a family paddling business and has developed a life-long love for the sport. As a longtime 4017 resident, Allana has strong ties to the Sandgate community and has been sharing her passion and knowledge with local residents for the past 15 years. “I initially started as a canoe and kayak instructor and have since become a coach and an assessor (training other teachers),” Allana said. “I also have my own paddling education business, All About Paddling.”

With an innate passion for what she does, Allana loves introducing others to the numerous benefits of paddling sports. Aside from improving fitness levels, paddling can have a profound positive effect on mental health. “Paddling allows people to connect with nature, and can build confidence through developing leadership, planning and decision making skills,” Allana said. “It’s also the perfect way to keep fit and make new friends while social distancing.”

Allana has worked closely with the Sandgate Canoe Club (now Sandgate Paddling Club) since 2005 and became the first female president in 2008. In recent years, she has also started offering programs to younger paddling enthusiasts.  “I started the junior club in 2017 to help develop the next generation of paddlers,” Allana said. “I wanted to give kids the opportunity to spend time outdoors and learn about healthy risk taking through the sport.”

Allana now helps students of all ages and abilities reap the rewards that come from being out on the water. “Kids can start as young as three and can join the junior club when they’re 10,” Allana said. “We also have senior members who are over 70 as it’s a great low impact way to keep active.”

Whether you’re interested in a simple meander up the creek, developing racing skills, or just meeting new friends and staying fit, paddling offers endless opportunities to improve both physical and mental health!

To learn how you can get involved in paddling, visit or email