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A Very Different Anzac Day For 2020

Apr 24, 2020 | Sandgate Guide
Our bayside residents are getting ready for a very different Anzac Day for 2020.4017 Locals will be out on their driveways and front yards...

Walking To The Beat Of His Own Strum

Apr 05, 2020 | Emma Harley
By its very nature, the Sandgate area is a haven for creatives, musicians and artists. So it’s no surprise that one of its deep musical talents, sin...

New Base For Bayside Firies

Apr 05, 2020 | Linda Read
If you’ve ever wanted to meet some of our community’s real-life superheroes and get a first-hand view of where they work, now’s the perfect chan...

Covid-19 & Small Business

Apr 05, 2020 | Brad Flynn
When the tide goes out you can see who has been swimming naked. This is a very apt allegory for our current unprecedented situation in the small busin...

Lest We Forget

Apr 05, 2020 | Brooke Jacobson
For the first time since 1919, Anzac Day commemorations have been cancelled. Back then, it was the Spanish Flu which forced people to stay home and in...

Jim Hansen Rocks

Apr 05, 2020 | Donna Roberts
An early career as a musician lit a creative spark in Jim Hansen, who is now hosting his first solo painting exhibition.Sandgate-based art...

The Future Of The Shorncliffe Escarpment

Apr 05, 2020 | Sandgate Guide
The Shorncliffe escarpment is an outstanding natural feature.  It is the only elevated area in all of North Brisbane that provides views of Moreton B...

Viet Street Eat

Apr 05, 2020 | Emma Harley
Since its arrival on Sandgate’s high street a few short years ago, Viet Street Eat has become a class local favourite for bayside foodies. Curiosity...

Old Billiard Saloon Makeover

Apr 05, 2020 | Linda Read
Almost 100 years ago, a grand new billiard saloon was opened in Rainbow Street, Sandgate. Today, after decades of lying under thick layers of paint an...

New Autism Hub At Bald Hills

Apr 05, 2020 | Sandgate Guide
Brisbane’s northside is now home to a world-class autism hub, with up to 50 local children benefiting from life-changing therapy and care at the new...