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Fresh Face For Labor In Sandgate

Story: Brooke Jacobson
Published On : Mar 20, 2024
Fresh Face For Labor In Sandgate
As State Member for Sandgate, Stirling Hinchliffe prepares to exit the political arena, the Labor Party have announced Bisma Asif as their candidate for this year’s Queensland election.

The 27-year-old public policy advisor lives in Sandgate with her husband, and said she was excited to be running for office.

“Sandgate is one of the best places I’ve lived in, it’s so unique,” Bisma said. “It’s an amazing, vibrant area, and I want to see it grow and flourish.”

Bisma has an economics degree majoring in public policy from the University of Queensland, and currently works as a policy advisor for Federal MP for Lilley, Anika Wells.

“I’ve never been put off or been scared by the prospect of being a woman in politics,” she said.

“Here in Queensland, we have such amazing examples – women like Anika, like Kate Jones, like Megan Scanlon – it’s inspiring.

“I became interested in politics at university, when I worked on (former Lilley MP) Wayne Swan’s campaign. I understand that good government can make an impact on people’s lives.”

After being endorsed by the party, Bisma has started door-knocking ahead of the state election.

 “Going door to door can be daunting, but people are so friendly, and I’ve found that if people are going through something, they want to share that, they want to talk about it with you,” she said.

“Stirling has been such a tireless advocate for this area and seeing his example, it’s really about talking to people about what their issues are.

“I want to hear from the people of the 4017 about what is important to them.”

The latest public opinion polls paint a daunting picture for the current government, but Bisma said the only poll that mattered to her was election day.

“I’m talking to people about the issues that matter to them, and my job is to get on with it, meet people, and we will see what happens in October,” she said. “Walking around with Stirling, everyone wants to stop and talk to him, and I hope I can be the same kind of representative that people can talk to and make positive change.”

Bisma’s family moved to Australia from Pakistan when she was eight years old, and she speaks four languages.

“My parents wanted a better life for us, and a better education, and I’m so lucky to have had that,” she said. “I hope they’re proud – their advice to me has always been, ‘just be a good human’ and really, that’s all any of us can do.”

The Queensland State election is scheduled to be held on October 26.