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Celebrate Creativity In Sandgate’s Newest Café

Story: Aleasha Bliss | Photo: Bruce Redman
Sep 23, 2020
Celebrate Creativity in Sandgate’s Newest Café
A new, boutique café has graced Brighton Road in Sandgate celebrating all things art. It is far from your typical coffee environment and boasts its own art gallery. The walls are filled with paintings, there are books for the avid reader, and ‘amples’ of entertainment is set to be served up over the coming months.

Café Bohemia owner Sandra Ivanovic said that she created her café with the vision of inviting people into a cosy, lounge room environment to enjoy more than just a great cup of coffee. She serves gluten-free cakes and soon-to-be-introduced vegan treats and wants everyone to indulge in conversations with like-minded people, all while enjoying the art she has on offer.

“We are focussed on arts, creativity and will have lots of cultural events,” Sandra said. “We will have local artists, musicians and actors to perform in the café and plan to do story-telling nights, poetry nights and some café theatre.”

“I am also working on opening another room – which will be the Creativity Room. It will be filled with paint and brushes for people that want to be creative while they are here.”

Sandra also sells the artwork adorning the café walls and currently has works by local artist Karen Roberts and Nicole Duyst. She is looking at adding extra artisans’ work to the gallery and plans to host art exhibits in the future

“I encourage people to talk to each other, instead of being on social media,” Sandra said. “I always introduce people to each other and lots of friendships form. I want to have a creative community that will spend time together and talk about the more meaningful things in life.”

Café Bohemia’s official open night was on 18 September, and featured performances from local singers. She hopes to have weekly to fortnightly events as restrictions ease.

“I’m quite proud and am so happy with the café. I love that people notice my personal touches and always comment on how comfortable they are here. I’m enjoying meeting with the people and talking about amazing things with the community at Café Bohemia.”

Café Bohemia
6 Brighton Road, Sandgate