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Sunny Side Up In Sandgate

Story: Bruce Redman
Published On : Sep 23, 2020
Sunny Side Up  in Sandgate
It’s been a dark year for many, but Sandgate singer/songwriter Nik Phillips wants us all to keep a Sunshine State of Mind. That’s the title of his new one man show, coming to the Sandgate Town Hall in October.

Nik said he wanted to bring a bit of brightness to what had been a tough year. “Throughout my music career, I’ve written songs that bring people and communities together,” he said. “We really need to have some fun, and a laugh, and to look at where we’re heading as well. Being and supporting local has never been more important.”

Sunshine State of Mind features Nik being sent on a Blues Brothers style “mission” by a Queensland State of Origin legend, exploring how the Maroon Spirit can save this crazy world.

“It’s inclusive of course, I don’t spend an hour and a half just dishing on the other states,” Nik laughs.

“It’s a pretty unique show, it’s been developed for this community, and it’s not just me up there with a guitar, I have a big TV screen, a mini pub choir and lots of engagement with the audience.”

Nik will also be holding a free songwriting workshop as part of the event. “I am hoping local artists, businesses and community leaders will attend the workshop, to explore making a unique song for the 4017 area,” he said.

“The song is not an ad, it’s not a jingle, it’s a genuine song for our community.

“There will be elements there for marketing and that will hopefully benefit our businesses and attract people here, but it’s not specifically for that.

“It’s about getting to the heart of the community, what are the little moments that make us unique and different.”

This will be a COVID-safe event and people should book tickets early to avoid disappointment. Tickets are $25 or $20 for concession.

For tickets or songwriting workshop, go to: www.sunshinestateofmindproj...

Sunshine State of Mind
Friday, 16 October and Saturday, 17 October, 7pm
Workshop: Saturday, 17 October, 2pm
Sandgate Town Hall
Cnr Cliff and Seymour Streets, Sandgate.