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A Classic Gal Joins Sandgate’s Bar Scene

Story: Emma Sanders
Published On : Aug 27, 2021
A Classic Gal Joins Sandgate’s Bar Scene

o you need to unwind, perhaps with a drink? Betty’s a beauty you need to spend some time with.

Set in the historic 1922 Sandgate Billiard Saloon, Bluenose Betty is a family business and the passion project of father and son owners Darrin and Ryan Northey. 

“After stumbling across this incredibly historic building, we could instantly see how we could bring Bluenose Betty to life in this area,” Ryan said. “This is a place to disappear from the real world, be yourself, and kick back with great company in an awesome atmosphere. 

“Customers have been blown away by the design, intricate details, great food, the huge 

range of drinks (let’s be honest, grown ups should have a candy store as well) and the all round atmosphere.”

Ryan said his and father Darrin’s greatest joy was the look of surprise and awe on customers’ faces when they walked in for the first time, and left beaming after a great night. 

“There are some wonderful places to visit in Sandgate and we were determined to bring something new and fresh that complemented the area that the locals would love and call their own,” he said.

“From the front door all the way through to our amazing beer garden hideaway out the back, Bluenose Betty is something we are incredibly proud of and feel is a special part of the community.” 

For more information or to enquire about function options available visit

Bluenose Betty
73 Rainbow St, Sandgate
P 3269 3258