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Your Organic Garden In August

Story: Sally Eberhardt | Photo: Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay
Published On : Jul 23, 2022
Your Organic Garden in August
If you have limited space or aren’t sure how to start growing your organic garden, a container garden may be the perfect solution. Pots, planters and even hanging baskets can grow your own delicious, healthy, organic food. And with the price of lettuce nowadays, you could save a fortune!

Container gardens are no-dig, use little water and are easy to shift to find the right position. All you need is a large pot, some organic potting mix and your seeds or seedlings.

Plant seeds or seedlings according to directions on the packet or punnet. Potting mix provides ideal conditions for seed germination so spread seeds out. Don’t plant seedlings too close together – think about how big each plant will grow and leave space to reach its potential. Tomatoes only need one strong plant per pot, beans and peas only two to three plants per pot.

Mulch seedlings immediately but let seeds sprout first. Fertilize your plants every 1-2 weeks with organic liquid fertilizer. Mix fertiliser and water in a watering can and drench foliage as well as the soil.

What to plant now - strawberries (from runners), tomatoes, capsicums, beans, pumpkin, cucumber, zucchinis, lettuce, eggplant, okra, rosella, cabbage, silverbeet, corn.