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RE/MAX Tamara & Mark Wecker

Mark and Tamara Wecker

No games ... just honest, down-to-earth selling.

Tamara Wecker                       
15 years in real estate sales and marketing on Brisbane's northside           

Mark Wecker
12 years in sales and property management on Brisbane's northside.

"You'd be surprised at how many customers return again and again if they feel the agent has their interests at heart. We just treat everybody with the respect we expect to be treated with ourselves."    – Tamara & Mark

Tamara & Mark's successful 'client care' careers are testimony to this dynamic brother-sister team's combined ability to listen to people and work closely with them, to take a keen interest in their needs and adapt their thinking to those individual needs. 

The proof of these qualities is indicated in the wonderful recommendations Tamara & Mark have received over the years, not to mention the number of people who drop into the office just to pass the time of day, to have a cup of coffee and a few laughs. 

Very few property sales people have the long term and diverse industry experience of this pair. Their success will undoubtedly continue to grow as they commit to expanding their already extensive satisfied customer network with more hard work and genuine service.

Contact Details

Address 119 Brighton Road, Sandgate, QLD, Australia, 4017
Phone 0407 023 903
Mobile 0417 754 207