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Sandgate Business Networking Group

The Sandgate (and surrounds) Business Networking Group was founded in 2010 by an awesome local agent who does so much in our local community!

Now facilitated by Paul Derry, a local Property Entrepreneur and Investor with the aim of fostering and encouraging our great business community to take some time out for themselves to socialise with fellow the fellow business community that make Sandgate such an awesome place to live - YOU... the Small/Home Office Business, Retailers, Service Providers and other Business Owners.

We all know that life can be pretty hectic when you’re running a business and working long hours.

Regrettably, we never seem to have the time or opportunity to get to know and keep in touch with our local business friends and neighbours. With the unique business community that is Sandgate Village, the idea was hatched to network over breakfast once a month in an informal atmosphere, where we can share ideas, referrals and foster closer business relationships.

Meetings are typically on the last Thursday of every month in various cafes around the area. These breakfast meetings are designed to be an informal get-together.

You simply pay for the breakfast you order from the menu. There is no joining fee or particular structure.

It is an ideal forum in which to promote your business and for others to get to know you and your business more closely. We look forward to seeing you at our next breakfast!

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