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  Interview by Linda Read Photo Bruce Redman
do some odd jobs. I can go for coffee, walk the dog, spend time with Gina.
My car has been a big hobby. I’ve got a replica of a Lotus Seven, which was a car built in the mid-50s. While the kit was being made [in Johannesburg, South Africa], I made several trips over there, and then I had it shipped over. It took nine years from when I decided to get it to having it on the road here, registered.
My Vespa [Italian motor scooter] is the best thing to get around on. It’s probably the thing I use the most. It uses nothing in fuel for just around here, and the convenience is great.
I’ve travelled a fair bit. I think one of my favourite trips was when Gina and I went to Zanzibar, in Tanzania. And I like North America. I thoroughly enjoy Gina’s hometown in the US – Freeport, Illinois.
[When travel restrictions are lifted] I’ll go to Melbourne to see my kids – Molly, 24, and Ben, 27. That will be the first thing.
As far as overseas travel goes, we’ll probably re- do Greece, Italy, and throw in Malta as well.”
“Originally, I’m from Sydney. I came to Queensland in 2001, and my partner Gina and I bought our house at Deagon in 2007.
I like the proximity to the water, the ease of transport, and at the time we bought it, its affordability. There’s nearly everything you want in this area; there’s very little reason to go outside of a five kilometre circuit from here if you don’t want to.
I’ve worked for Qantas for just shy of 26 years. My official title is Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics. Because of the downturn of the aviation industry [due to COVID-19], I’ve been stood down on a rotating basis since April, and I’m looking at redundancy towards the end of the year.
I’m now looking at this as a trial retirement run, to see if I like retirement. I think I like it. As time went on [after being stood down], I didn’t miss work. I enjoy having all this free time. I go fishing with my dog Einstein, do stuff around the house,

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