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  Calling All
Story Linda Read
If you’re an artist – aspiring or accomplished – who’s ever dreamt of exhibiting your work but didn’t know how, now’s your chance.
The Artrageous Community Arts Centre at Deagon is hosting its eighth annual 4017 Community Exhibition in July, and entries are welcome from artists across a wide range of disciplines.
First prize is a solo exhibition at Artrageous’ Gallery 4017, valued at $500. Artist Pete Martin, of Martin Galleries, will be judging the competition.
The Artrageous steering committee created the event in response to a call to provide an opportunity for local emerging artists to showcase and promote their work.
Committee secretary Panayiota said the event was “an accessible and supportive way” for this to happen.
The only conditions of entry are that participating artists are either a resident from the 4017 community, or that they are affiliated with Artrageous in some way, possibly through one of the creative art programs the centre runs on a regular basis.
“It’s a lovely community, and the 4017 is a very creative community,” Panayiota said.
“You can see that from the different styles of work that’s been submitted [in past exhibitions].”
The exhibition will run from 9-31 July. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, 6 July.
For further information email enquiries@, or phone 32691535.
4017 Community Exhibition Artrageous Community Arts Centre 82-88 Loftus Street, Deagon.
APRIL 2021
 Dragon Friends Review
IStory Nick Allford
have a confession. I’m in love with a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Wait... before you dismiss this review as a deep dive into a
nerdy world filled with geeks huddled in a dark room throwing dice around, Dragon Friends is so much more.
Think of this podcast as a live improv show where six Aussie mates muddle their way through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. So, what is D&D? It’s a fantasy tabletop role-playing game where you use your imagination on an adventure led by a Dungeon Master (in this case ‘Dungeon Daddy Dave’) who narrates the story and decides your fate with the role of a die. I’ll admit I’ve never even played a single game, but you don’t need to be a player to enjoy this show.
They give each other a hard time, the way only a group of old friends can, which for me is its most endearing quality and the reason why delicate ears shouldn’t be listening. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart.
If you want to listen to a group of hilarious mates poking fun at each other while hunting for treasure and battling monsters, all set to a live musical score, I can’t recommend Dragon Friends enough.

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