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    Lisa Burgess
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over time, increase our health, well-being and abundance,” Lisa said.
When it comes to mindset, Lisa said yoga was great for teaching detached awareness and inner resilience, so those practising it were able to find harmony and create the life they wanted to live.
“Mindset is so important and, as my coach would always say, it’s through having a regular routine to build awareness and cultivate the qualities of persistence and resilience that we are able to break through the adversities of life and move forward to what it is we really want,” Lisa said.
Bookings are not required for the Yoga for Mindset classes. Bring a water bottle and a towel or mat.
For more information about Lisa’s yoga
classes or her Breakthrough Stress/Anxiety Program visit or email
Outdoor Yoga for Mindset Classes
Saturdays from 27 April, 4pm Arthur Davis Park
Flinders Parade, Sandgate.
f you’re looking for a mindset shift or a change in focus, yoga could be just the thing you need. Even if you have no
previous yoga experience, you might be able to find some peace through outdoor Yoga for Mindset classes.
Yoga instructor and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach Lisa Burgess said yoga and mindfulness had played an important part in her own positive changes and inner growth.
“I am passionate about helping others to re- create their lives and make changes to their mindset, and to enable them to break free from the problematic patterns that keep them stuck in limitation so they can move forward and find more freedom and passion for life,” Lisa said.
The donation-only classes are a free-flowing Vinyasa style suitable for everyone, including families. Lisa said the idea for the classes was inspired by her desire to ensure the benefits of yoga were available to everyone.
“Yoga calms the entire nervous system and creates the space within our physical body and minds by releasing stresses to enable us to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and,

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