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This Season
new one this holiday season, consider using a native pot plant that can serve double duty and be transferred to your garden after the holidays. Alternatively, just add fairy lights and DIY decorations (made from pine cones, driftwood or seashells) to an established tree in your yard, and you’ll start feeling festive in no time.
When it comes to Christmas lunch, it’s surprisingly easy to create a beautiful, simple tablescape on a tight budget. For example, start with a plain white or burlap tablecloth and run a garland of eucalyptus down the centre, accented with shells or gumnuts. Glass jars filled with tealights or votives are another very affordable way to add a touch of warmth and elegance to your holiday table setting. For a coastal Christmas theme, fill some of the jars with shells or white pebbles, and sprinkle light blue and silver Christmas baubles throughout the table. For a more traditional feel, fill jars with short stems of any red and green foliage, or berries that you have growing in your yard.
With a little thought and effort, you can create one-of-a-kind, homemade holiday decor that’s stress-free, financially friendly, and looks fa-la-la fabulous.
W Story Kelly Walker
ith all of the uncertainty 2020 has brought, it’s no doubt that Christmas may look a little
different this year for many families. However, that doesn’t mean that the festive season can’t still feel merry and bright. Regardless of your budget this year, DIY holiday decor is a great way to exercise some creativity and put less stress on your finances.
For simple, elegant holiday decor, start by looking at what you already have around your home and garden. Whether you love classic reds and greens, subdued earth tones, elegant golds, or cool coastal blues and silvers, achieving your desired holiday decor style doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.
An easy way to gather decor inspiration is by taking a stroll through your own back yard. As rosemary is found in many local gardens, it’s the perfect staple for all of your holiday DIY projects - and it smells divine too. Create a gorgeous Christmas wreath by manipulating a few rosemary stems into a circle and binding the ends together with a piece of string or twine. For a pop of colour, add in natives such as kangaroo paw, banksia, waratah, or wattle, for a beautiful array of holiday cheer.
Of course, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a tree, so if you’re on the hunt for a

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