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“If left unchecked, this can also lead to dehydration and other health complications.”
But it’s not just toxic Christmas treats that owners need to be aware of over the holiday period - our coastal Queensland weather is also a risk to our pets.
The warmer weather at this time of the year brings with it more storms and wild conditions, and Nadine said it was important to make sure your pet remained safe.
“Storm phobia has been researched and proven to be real, with many pets experiencing this – a pet can go from tame and placid to agitated, nervous and overly clingy in a matter of minutes once a storm has started,” she said.
“All pets can sense the drop in barometric pressure before a storm has started or even is near, and once the wild weather rolls in your pet has already escalated to fearfulness. Pets will want to be close to you and seek comfort, but if left alone, some pets can also escape and run in fear, ending up lost or hit by vehicles.”
Nadine said other potential pet issues over the holiday period included loud celebrations and fireworks, anxiety when travelling, and finding suitable housing for your pet if travelling away from home.
period can affect our furry friends.
HairySmiles Pet Boutique owner and groomer Nadine Debbage said one of the main concerns over the holiday period was festive foods, which could be dangerous for four-legged family members.
“Our pets love all the yummy treats that come out during Christmas and New Year’s, but
some can be poisonous and toxic such as ham, chocolate, grapes, nuts, garlic, onions, Christmas pudding and fruit mince pies,” she said.
“Depending on the amount ingested and the pet’s individual reaction, toxic foods can cause liver and kidney problems, seizures, heart failure, and death.
Nadine said excess treats could also cause digestive difficulties, which could lead to vomiting and diarrhea.
“Too much fat or grease, such as gravy, poultry skin, and fat trimmings, can upset a pet’s digestion and cause these unwanted consequences,” she said.
he holiday season is a time of merriment and celebration, but a local pet expert has warned owners to be conscious of how the festive

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