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ant to get fit, learn self- defence and some new skills while having fun
without memberships and lock in contracts? If so, then check out Spinning Dragon Fight Club in Bracken Ridge.
Andrew Robertson Maggie and Sarah Moro
The club has an increasing participation and there’s currently one amateur Muay Thai kickboxer, John Campbell, training at the club.
In Muay Thai, they have what is called clinching. This is where they can grasp their opponent, throw elbows and knee them as often as they want. Whereas K1 kickboxing they can grasp, knee and elbow once or twice before being separated.
Andrew’s equipped with ten years professional fighting experience, three of those years fighting in Thailand under the fight name ‘Spinning Dragon’. He had several bouts televised over there, and also won World Championship silver medal before retiring in November last year.
But these credentials are not what sets this club out from the others. Andrew has a vision of one day having his own premises, where he could make a difference mentoring the area's youth.
Andrew said once he retired from fighting it was his burning desire to pass on his knowledge to other people.
“In the future, I hope to work with troubled youth and the reason why is, I was heading in the wrong direction when I was younger, but was able to get into martial arts and find my way out.”
“At the moment I work with Amayda, which runs anti-bullying through the schools systems in which I’m currently a mentor, where I also get through them Government approved training,” Andrew said.
The club runs classes for males and females, aged eight to adult every Monday, Thursday and Friday at Bracken Ridge Community Hall. There’s circuit fitness training for early arrivals from 5pm and then into the skills sets from 5.30pm.
For more information search Facebook ‘Spinning Dragon Fight Club’.
The club’s head trainer Andrew Robertson said he wanted everyone to just pay as they go.
being free,” Andrew said.
We had a family come along nd watch for about fifteen or twenty minutes, liked what they saw and came back and joined in with that first lesson

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